The moratorium on sale of agricultural land in Ukraine extended

On 7 December 2017, the Parliament of Ukraine prolonged the moratorium on sale of agricultural land until the law on transactions with agricultural land would enter into force but in any way till 1 January 2019. As before, it is prohibited to buy, sell, or otherwise alienate and change designated use of land plots owned by citizens and legal entities for doing commodity and personal agricultural business, as well as land allotments (pays).

The moratorium also prohibits contribution of the land plots into companies' share capitals. The exceptions are inheritance, exchange of one land plot for another one, seizure (buyout) of land plots for public needs and change of the designated use of land plots being provided to the investors, who are parties to production sharing agreements. Any transactions violating the moratorium are deemed to be null and void.

It should be noted that the moratorium existed for the long time in Ukraine. For the first time it was implemented by the Law of Ukraine "On Agreements on Alienation of Land Plots" in January 2001 and extended from time to time.


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